Global Wellness Institute (GWI) is making an investment in a healthier future for the United States. With your help funding a strong foundation for our youth, GWI will inspire and facilitate accurate concepts of health and wellness.

GWI derives its financial support from a broad number of sources:

  • contributions from tax-exempt, charitable, educational or research organizations qualified as public charities for tax exemption purposes, such as health care institutions, professional associations and other entities desiring to support alternative treatment methodologies and related charitable activities of the applicant;
  • donations from the public and companies;
  • receipts from seminars and educational material.

GWI is offering a wide range of sponsorship levels so that smaller businesses as well as larger companies can find a level that suits their needs and budget.

GWI is looking for corporate sponsors. If your company is interested in creating a better world for our children, please contact us at


90% of all contributions to GWI go directly to program services.